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35W magnet moving hi/low capsule type hid bulb (by pair only without cables)


Some car use high and low beam halogen , if want to change up and down as hid , you need to choose this product .

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Product Description


- This product does not contain relay cable,  you may buy relay cable separately or contact us to know more .
- This is 35W magnet style moving hi/low hid bulb. it is bi-xenon bulb .
- Use magnet to control the moving high and low of the bulb , one lamp can output high beam light or low beam light, when too much heat , the magnet function might lose so the bulb can not move. But the price is good in practice using.
- Installation : One side plug connect to one side of car lamp , relay cable input side get power from car battery , output side connect to hid side . (If not understand , please contact before ordering )
- Hid bulb move up , headlight is low beam , hid bulb move down , headlight is high beam .
- Price is by pair with its special relay cable !
- Watt: 35W , Be compatible for 12v 35w ballast or 24v 35w ballast . ( But can not work with 50W or 55W ballast , or it will burn )
- Lumin : about 3000 lumin , Three times of halogen’s brightness
- Life : about 3000 hours.
- Packing : White box
- We provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase , but customer need to post back to replace

Hid bulb model:

- 9004 Magnent moving hi/low , 9007 magnet moving hi/low, H4 magnet moving hi/low , H13 magnet moving hi/low.

Color range:

- 3000K , 4300K , 6000K , 8000K , 10000K , 12000K , HH gold , TB-Lightblue , HP Mauve , HJ Green , HR Pink , QB Blue , ZB Indigo , some color must make in big quantity.

Color Photo Sample:

hx-bulb-color-range -1

Special :

- Bulb glass tube use philips technology , it is not straight tube looking, there is a sphere looking part .
- The advantage is generate 360 degree light , after reflect from car lamp , provide more focus lighting range . Head light is more concentrated and will not diffuse to unusual place . It is more safe to opposite cars too.
- Only Phlips hid and our hid has this advantage .

hid_glass_new_tech_a01 -2

Other Info:

- Most of car is easy to install , customer please understand how to before ordering . We just sell bulb only .
- Each car need at least one pair , because one car has left and right lamp , one side one bulb .
- If no stock , we need 3 – 7 days to make and send .

Additional Information

Magnet hi/low hid bulb model

9004 magnet moving hi/low, 9007 magnet moving hi/low, H13 magnet moving hi/low, H4 magnet moving hi/low

Hid light color

3000K, 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K, HJ-Green, HP-Mauve, HR-Pink, QB-Blue, TB-Lightblue, ZB-Indigo, HH-gold


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